•      The Tomahawk Talk is a student-produced newspaper, which serves as a learning laboratory for students interested in studying the field of journalism.  Reporting on school-related activities while examining issues of interest and importance to the student body are the primary objectives reflected in the writing of the newspaper. 

         Understanding accuracy, fairness, and above all, demonstrating a professional approach to the subject matter covered in student reports is considered essential to the development of not only a quality newspaper but also to the development of the novice journalist. 

         Preserving journalistic integrity in the pursuit of knowledge is fundamental to the purpose of the newspaper.  Students in this setting should feel free to explore the many areas of journalism and maximize their potential. 

         The craft of journalism encompasses the art of writing, photography, layout, design, and advertising.  Both creativity and critical thinking skills, which are incorporated into this field of study, will serve students for a lifetime.