Musical Activities Develop the Whole Child
Music and the Brain
  • Words from a child to a parent or caregiver-


    • If you allow me to dance, clap, jump or walk, I will know how music feels. It makes me happy to move.
    • When I hum or sing while I play, I am content.
    • When you sing, move or play with me, you let me know you love me. You are my favorite singer.
    • Repeating my favorite songs is exciting to me.
    • I will learn to sing someday.
    • Just love me and watch me grow.
    • If you sing songs with rhymes, you help me hear the rhythm of speech.
    • If you put my name in a song, it makes me feel like you are singing directly to me and I am special to you.
    • When I make up my own little song, I am learning to have creative expression of my voice.
    • If you play games with animal and machine sounds with me, I will learn to use my voice and I will be interested in different qualities of sound.
    • If we listen to silence together, I will learn that music is sound and silence.

    I will turn off my ears to music if-

    • You play music that is too grown up for me.
    • You make me listen for too long.
    • You play too much passive music.


    • If you know a musician who plays, I would love to hear live music.
    • Please give me happy and joyful musical experiences.
    • Remember some lessons are caught rather than taught.
    • When I see you enjoying the experience of music, I will learn to love it too.

    Adapted by Connie Greenwood, 2021, from Move, Sing Listen, Play by Donna Wood

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