• E S N Grading for Special Areas

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    E = Excellent

    A grade of excellent is given when a student demonstrates skills above and beyond grade level and has good behavior in class.  This grade is not equivalent to an “A”.  It is however, and indicator to the parent that your student shows exceptional skill and aptitude in the content area.  It is recommended that students who regularly receive an “E” should pursue outside lessons or activities that encourage further growth in the particular content / intelligence area.  Kindergarten students are not eligible to receive an “E”. With special areas happening once a week with possible longer gaps in learning due to the student being sick, unexpected days off, fieldtrips, and holidays if they are performing at satisfactory they are doing well in Special Areas.

    S = Satisfactory

    Most students will receive as “S” in Special Areas.  This grade indicates that the student is participating and developing skills that are on target with the Sunshine State Standards outlined for the content area.  To receive an “S” students must be participating and making regular improvement in skills and comprehension.

    N = Needs Improvement

    Students who receive an “N” are not making an effort in the content area to show steady improvement of skills or comprehension.   This grade is a reflection of poor participation and effort.  Student’s who receive an “N” will have received notes home from the teacher, may have comments referring to the problem in Focus, or other communication from Special Area Teachers.

    This grading system does not impact your student’s grade point average (GPA), they qualify for Principal’s Honor Roll with the score of Satisfactory. However, students who have an “N” will not qualify for the Honor Roll.