• Syllabus


    AP US History ----   2017-2018

    GRADE - Break Down


                         35%   Chapter Tests

         30%   Classroom assignments / Home work

                       20%   DBQ’s and Free Response Writings

                         10%   Quizzes

                         05%   Short Answer

    Total =    100% Each unit of study will be broken down into each of the above stated criteria.


    SEMESTER EXAMS = There will be one exam per semester - 1 Mid term and 1 End term exam / each of these will represent 20% of the students 18week final grade. Mid term exam will be a full DBQ, End term exam will be a full length AP Exam (taken at end of 3rd 9weeks).



     Expected Areas of Study:   Will include but not limited to:


    1. Text Book Chapter Study
    2. Group and Individual Activities
    3. DBQ’s and Free Response Writing Analysis  
    4. Primary Document Study and Analysis  2.   2 inch – 3 Ring Binder4.   Loose sheet paper will be needed (For reading and lecture notes).6.   Paper Clips/ Stapler - Will be needed to turn in DBQ’s and Free Response Writings. Discipline:ALL SCHOOL RULE OF CONDUCT found in the student handbook WILL BE ENFORCED.Students are responsible for there actions: School Administrator Discretion will Dictate Punishment for Violation of School Rule of Conduct 
    5. Every student in this classroom has a responsibility to ensure that a positive learning environment is assured.
    9. 7.   Pencil and Pen (blue or black ink) - Student will need both for scantron and writings.
    10. 5.   File Folder - This will allow student to organize class materials effectively.
    11. 3.   Color Tab Dividers (pack of 8 will get you started)
    12. 1.   Text Book - Instructor will supply.
    13. Required Materials:     (All students will be held responsible for these Materials daily)




    Attendance and Tardiness:


    Students will be to class on time. On time constitutes being in your seat ready to work, not just walking in the door. Tardiness will be noted on students Focus record. Habitual violators will be punished in accordance with school’s code of conduct.


    Being 15 minutes or more late to any class will count as an unexcused absence. Missed Assignment will result in completion invalidation. Receiving 3 or more unexcused absences to class per 9 weeks’ term will result in a parent / administrative conference, failing grade, possible withdrawal from FSUS. (An excused absence will require administrative approval.)


    Consult Student Handbook if you have any questions regarding the above stated procedures.





    Late Work Policy:


    All work, quizzes and tests are due complete on the day designated by the instructor. If a test is missed due to excused absence, the student will take that test upon return to school, or will have to take an equivalent make up test at a later date. All assignments are due on due date. A prior approved excused absence requires a student / Instructor conference for late work to be considered for acceptance. Late work will result in a 10% grade reduction for each day late (to include weekends), No Late work will be accepted more than 1 week after due date.



    Focus Checks:


    Check Focus at least 3 times a week if not more to check status of attendance and grades. Finding an issue early will save you lots of later pain/frustration.



    Course Synopsis:


    American History 2100310 (AP US History fulfills requirement) Synthesis course:


    Provides an understanding of the chronological development of the American people by examining the political, economic, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural events that have affected the rise and growth of the nation. Enrollment limited to 10 & 11th grade. 1 credit Required for Graduation.




    NOTE: I reserve the right to alter or amend this syllabus at my discretion.

    Mr. Craig