FSUS is growing!

  • [Brief overview & most important updates]


  • [Details about the land size and location]

Building Plans

  • [What are we doing with the space? Brief overview on what will be done with the new space and what will be done with current campus space]



    With input from the parents,administration and teachers we are working hard to determine offerings that will be available with the new expansion of campus facilities. Many of these decisions will affect building design and space needs. The challenge has matched the excitement of more electives with core classes, graduation requirements. Exciting offerings are being planned in all areas, especially in concurrent enrollment and more hands-on courses.


  • Staffing will increase across K-12 between XXXX and XXXX including teacher, para, and school support roles. In addition, some positions will be responsible for both campuses and commuting between the two. 


    ** Add information about cafeteria and facilities roles.


  • The expansion plan allows FSUS to increase our grade sizes by XX% between XXXX and XXXX. INSERT HOW This leaves open the possibility to grow faster based on interest and capacity. 

Facilities Committee

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