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PTSA thrives with the support of our community, parents, students, faculty, and staff. Your FSUS PTSA firmly believes this and strives to keep it as part of our core philosophy. With your support, we have been able to continue our Big and Mini Grant Programs, bringing thousands of dollars directly into our classrooms.  From new media equipment, egg incubators for our first-grade classrooms, robots, enhanced classroom libraries, color guard materials, and so much more. We like to think this puts the icing on the cake for our already wonderfully, academically furnished classrooms.

Programs and events would not be possible without the financial support and involvement of all our members. Did you know a PTSA member can be a friend, grandparent, or neighbor too? Membership to the PTSA is just $5 per person and dues are paid annually. To bolster our efforts, we would ask that you also consider a $25 family donation as PTSA only keeps $1.50 of every membership.

We use our funding for school improvement items such as the shade over the playground area, academic enrichment like senior scholarships, and of course, events like our Boo-Hoo breakfast for our kindergarten parents on the first day of school, Teacher Appreciation Week, and we are looking forward to bringing back Grand Friends' Day.  

As a K-12 commuter school, volunteering is extra important. We must try hard to find a sense of community, and we are so thankful for your involvement. There are opportunities at all times of the day. We want to be sure everyone can join us with no pressure of mandatory volunteer hours.  

To keep up to date on all our events and announcements, please join our Facebook group - FSUS PTSA and download our 2023-2024 calendar. We are so excited to have you and we wish you a great school year!

Douglass Cooke, Jr.
FSUS PTSA President