• WELCOME to the craziest most unprecedented school year of all time!!! We are all a part of history everyday!!

    Beginning August 19th 2020, FSUS virtual school will begin for every student.    

    For now, check out the PE Syllabus on the website and read through it. Send Coach Wheeler an email with the student name as the subject and the class period of student. This will suffice as a signed syllabus verifying your understanding of it and permission to use Flipgrid.  Example: John Smith 1st period- I understand the syllabus and give permission to use Flipgrid. . 

    You will be exercising at home these first few weeks, and for those of you who chose distance learning, all year. Find a place in your house where you can zoom with the class and have room to exercise. Wear proper clothes to work out including sneakers. 

    When you enter the class zoom each day, please have your microphone muted to start. 

    Looking forward to working with everyone this year, its going to be different and at times difficult, but we are in it together and we will make it!!

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES:  1st period- 6vy4pnn      2nd period- g5mwngu    3rd period- byniymk   5th period- kx7yxpa    6th period- 6ofnf3h    7th period VOLLEYBALL- ndgoavq

    7th period BASKETBALL- p4xtkrg          7th period SOCCER- 47vnwkw