• FSUS Library Hours

    The library is open every day from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm.  
    Elementary students must be accompanied by a parent before school (7:30 am - 7:55 am) and after school (2:45 pm - 3:30 pm), but may visit during the school day with permission from their teacher.
    Middle school and high school students may visit on their own before or after school, and may visit the library during class with a pass from their teacher. Any students who do not have a written pass from their teacher will be sent to class to obtain a pass.
    Library Procedures
    Students who visit the library by themselves or with a small group of students will sign in to the library on the touchscreen computer to record their visit. Secondary students will present their written pass to the library team member when they arrive.  
    Students may use a Chromebook computer while visiting the library. When finished, students will return their Chromebook to the circulation desk.
    FSUS Book Circulation Policies
    Kindergarten: 1 book (2 books in the spring semester)
    Grades 1- 5: 4 books (5 books when we're having a "Special")
    Grades 6-12: 5 books
    Students may check out books for a two week loan period.  Any books or magazines can be renewed, except for SSYRA and FTR books.
    FSUS Library Team
    Jennifer Underhill, School Librarian
    Contact: junderhill@fsu.edu
    Ms. Underhill has been the media specialist at FSUS since 2007.  She earned her Masters in Information Science degree with certification as a School Media Specialist from Florida State University.  Ms. Underhill has a bachelor's degree in English from FSU as well as a master's degree in Public Administration from FSU.  Prior to becoming a school media specialist, Ms. Underhill worked as a policy analyst and Staff Director in the Florida Senate.
    Ms. Underhill served as a member and chairwoman of the Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award Committee from 2010-2017.  This year she is a committee member on the SSYRA Junior Committee.

    Ms. Underhill's favorite part of being a media specialist is connecting students with books that they love to read.  Some of her favorite books are The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, The BFG by Roald Dahl and Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.  

    Keisha Cowhey, Library Assistant
    Mrs. Cowhey joined the FSUS Library Staff in 2015.  Previously, Mrs. Cowhey worked as a teaching assistant in the FSUS elementary school.