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    The objectives of the band program at FSUS are:

    • To teach an appreciation for music through performance
    • To develop performance skills and techniques
    • To provide a group experience requiring commitment and hard work
    • To provide music for the school and community
    • To provide an enriching cultural experience
    • To develop valuable citizenship and leadership skills, as outlined in the philosophy



    FSUS Band Philosophy:

    Music continues to be an extremely important part of society around the world. The inclusion of music and arts programs in the public school curriculum is integral for not only the participating students, but the entire school community. Students participate in music for a number of reasons: to become proficient on a musical instrument for pleasure, to pursue a career in music, or even just for the closely knit social circle music creates. Not only does music enhance daily human life, but for those studying it, areas of growth such as cross-curricular study, work ethic, and creative thinking are improved upon to the highest degree.

    It is hard to imagine why music would not be a part of the public school curriculum. With the benefits it carries in so many different arenas, it is obvious that music is vital to a student's education. A musical education not only allows students to succeed daily, but it provides a reason to stay in school, lends a positive outlet for emotion, and enhances skills that are used to build a successful life.

    At Florida State University Schools, the band program is an opportunity for students interested in winds, percussion, and dance to perform in a variety of ensembles and mediums. Students will be welcomed to try band regardless of ability level, and will be pushed to succeed in the musical arts in their own way. Being a member of the band at Florida High will open doors for opportunity in leadership, performance, and development in all areas of life.