• The FSUS campus will resume normal operation Monday October 15th, 2018.

    Visit this web site any time the operational status of FSUS may be in question.


  • FSUS Family,


    Thank you a million times over for all of the help you have provided to us and to our Florida communities over the last week.


    Here is a quick list responding to logistical questions we have received regarding the restart of our FSUS school week tomorrow.


    • Absences: All absences have been excused for last week.
    • PE: For Monday, students meet on the sidewalk (the new one) in front of admin building. We will have cones/signage out for students. Students do not have to dress out but should dress comfortably.
    • Sports/Club Practices and Meetings: Coaches have set up their practice schedules. We have made arrangements for facility use as needed.
    • Guests on Campus: All must still go through our secure check-in and regular required screening through the main office. This includes individuals associated with the shelter.
    • Communication: Many, many of our teachers and administrators do not have electricity at home. We are accustomed to responding after hours from home. That may not happen until electricity is back on. All our working to catch up on a weeks’ worth of email and calls in addition to helping families in need. Please be patient with them. J
    • Student Support: Hurricane Michael, regardless of where you live in Florida, has added stress and anxiety to the lives of our residents. If you need any help, let us know!
    • Calendar: FSUS is working with the State Department of Education on any adjustments that may need to be made. For right now, our calendar stands as is.
    • FSUS Meals: If families are in financial need, we are prepared to help them. Principals are working on identifying families in financial need. Please contact your students’ principal Dr. Wills, Ms. Wilkinson or Ms. Brink for assistance. We have also made arrangements to have enough food to feed family members of our students. When dropping students off for school, please join us for breakfast or come back and have lunch.


    FSUS is here for you!


    See you on campus in the morning!


    Dr. Chambers




    Good Evening FSUS Families-


    Hurricane Michael has impacted us all in different ways but in many ways, it has brought us together. Our Florida State University Schools community came together as they always do. We had networks of families providing support to each other through the storm. I am proud of all that we are and what we do together.


    Throughout the coming weeks, our goal is to regroup and refocus on learning. Our Student Services Team, our Principals, Deans and Teachers are all ready to help. If you need assistance, we need to know and we will do all we can to provide assistance. For now, we are sharing our campus with the Special Needs patients and staff who also need our support. We have carefully planned out logistics for sharing space that provide for our return to classes and to provide space for those who cannot yet return home. Many of the communities around us still do not have power and special needs patients need that to return home. Leon County Emergency Management Services, FSU and the Department of Health are working with us to help with deactivating the shelter as soon as we can.


    Thank you for your calls, texts and for just being there. We can’t wait to have you all back on campus. Take care of yourselves and those around you.


    With great appreciation,


    Dr. Chambers