• After much thought, I have decided to make a Google Classroom for everyone to access the assignments the same way as the other classes are doing. I have created an Advanced Class and a Regular Class. The codes to sign into the class are below.

    Regular:   6srth62

    Advanced:   vewedqy

    For the Probability Coin Flip Project due today at 11:59 pm, you can still email it to me or submit via Google Classroom. There are directions on the project to submit. 

    I will also post my Google classroom codes on my classroom website.

    Any questions feel free to ask! Hopefully this will mske things easier.

    Brian Berns







    Mr. Berns 7th Grade Mathematics Class  

    Overview:  Welcome to online learning!  I hope you all are staying stay and at home, but we will get through this new experience together and come out of it stronger.  Middle school is following a block-style schedule for online learning, which means students will have math assignments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am available for questions or concerns via email  bberns@fsu.edu


    Expectations:  All directions, lesson plans, video links, practice assignments, IXL/Khan assignments, worksheets, etc. will be posted on my class website and organized by date.  I will also email the weekly lesson plans to help students stay on track. 






    On Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week students will be acquiring new skills through watching videos, reading articles, or completing practice activities. We will also be reviewing many skills that are needed in 8th grade mathematics. I will check in daily by monitoring the activities on Khan, IXL, and my email, but I will also be flexible with due dates because I understand that this is new territory for all of us.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS THEIR IXL OR KHAN ACADEMY LOGIN INFO.


    “Homework:”  Students are used to spending 15 to 20 minutes each night on math homework.  We are in great shape in terms of students learning all standards for the year, so this is what I am asking for instead of nightly homework practice.  “Homework Time = Helpful Time.” I would like students to find one helpful thing that they can do for their families each Tuesday and Thursday.  Maybe they could read to a younger sibling, unload the dishwasher without being asked, fold towels, etc. This is new territory for all of us, so I would love to hear about what students are doing to be extra helpful.  Shoot me an email if you want to share!