Welcome to 5th Grade Math Virtual Learning
  • Hello, my lovely students! 

    I miss you all terribly!  I'm sure you have been waiting eagerly to continue working on math 🙂

    Here's the good news: we finished all of our 5th grade math standards before Spring Break!  You've worked hard to learn the math skills and be ready for end of year assessments. Since we finished ahead of schedule, we will begin reviewing our standards to ensure everyone has mastered them.  


    All of the assignments and activities for the week will be posted and turned in using Google Classroom.  I will post the to-do list to my FSUS website as well. This will allow you to move at your own pace through activities and assignments.  You can use the "Weekly Activities" tab under the Virtual Learning Plan to access each week's materials. I will have a few assignments that have due dates.  If you cannot complete the assignment by the due date, please email me as soon as possible. Grades will be kept up to date in FOCUS.

    Virtual Small Groups

    In order to ensure I am meeting everyone's learning needs as best as possible, I will be hosting virtual review sessions.  You can sign up for a session using the "Virtual Small Groups" tab to the left. There will be enough reviews for everyone to participate regardless of their schedules.  Directions for signing up and connecting to the review are included with the signups. 

    Virtual Classroom Sessions

    Each week I will host Virtual Classroom sessions that are open to as many students as would like to participate.  The Virtual Classroom sessions will be like a regular teaching session that covers a certain topic. You will still have the opportunity to ask questions but there will likely be more participants in these sessions.  These will be recorded for students who cannot attend. My FSUS website will have a schedule of topics. 

    I will have virtual office hours from noon to 2 PM each day.  These will be the times I am at my computer to actively respond to emails and questions. 

    I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this together.  I am thankful that we were able to cover all required material prior to adjusting our learning platform.  I will do my best to continue providing rigorous, thoughtful, and engaging instruction. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions.  

    Mrs. Ivey