Giving Tuesday

About The Inaugural FSUS Giving Campaign

  • Since 1857, Florida High has been driven by the dream: to advance Florida's K-12 education through exemplary teaching, research, and service. We have always believed that cultivating children’s intellect, creativity, and character while equipping them with skills for the future are closely intertwined.

    We are now pursuing a grand plan—construction of a new STEAM building along with campus improvements in the Gymnasium Complex, Cafeteria, and Career to College Center all completely designed around the way children learn best. Click here to select a project to support.

    As a Title I public charter/developmental research school, FSUS is fortunate to receive some support from the state of Florida and Florida State University, however, that support alone is not enough. FSUS depends on your generous support to help make up the gap in funding experienced in comparison to large school districts. Click here to find a GIVING LEVEL that is comfortable and meaningful for you to help FSUS achieve this ambitious vision. Make your gift online, by mail, or in the FSUS Front Office.

    The new STEAM building will be built on the front lawn of the school, providing a distinctive new architectural face to FSUS. (CLICK HERE to Sneak-A-Peak) State of the art laboratories train students in science, engineering, and robotics, and technology-enhanced math and science classrooms provide 21st-century instruction. The STEAM building's 700+ seat auditorium will provide a gathering space for the school and community to come together for instruction, communication, and celebration of the arts through musical and theatrical performances.

  • The campus improvements will refresh and modernize the Cafeteria, create a new College to Career Center, and upgrade the Gymnasium Complex while improving our acute care emergency shelter operations. This work began over the summer and will be completed in 2020. 

    You can help Build Our Future with your gift. You have the opportunity to NAME a space at FSUS. You will be able to choose from engraved pavers and auditorium seats to classrooms, technology labs, athletic spaces, atriums, and buildings to place your imprint on FSUS and transform this building project to one of personal significance. Every gift helps us near our goal.

    Named gifts can pay tribute to, honor, or memorialize individuals, families, classes, organizations, or a cause. Gifts can be made outright or payments may be spread out over one to five years.

    For more information on supporting the Building Our Future Campaign with your gift contact