• The following is a list of grade level codes for google classroom when we start using it. 


    Kindergarten   ucsxpth

    First grade      hs4ixwa

    Second Grade  nlgcjtl

    Third Grade  gzw6gjm

    Fourth Grade kijt4yi

    Fifth Graade mimeayk


    Emails sent through Focus can not be sent a reply. Please if necessary include your email address, homeroom, first and last name and grade level.

    I'm sure we can all work through this!  I will help you with Artsonia information Please include above information!Hugs, accross the Miles. Mrs. Platt

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  • Welcome to Mrs. Platt's Elementary Art Class.

    I am looking forward to an exciting year.   Please remember each child needs an oversized shirt identified with their name. This "art shirt" can be an old t-shirt -it is going to get stained. The (apron- ONLY if your child knows how to put it on and tie it) or shirt will be kept in their regular classrooms and worn to art class. If it really gets messy I will send it home in a plastic bag for cleaning.

    The beginning of our art class includes practicing evacuation procedures for the art room. The art room is now located in building 5 room 148.  It is imperative for my students to learn how to move with no talking, (absolute silence)- If I need to change what we are doing - absolute silence makes it possible for me to direct their movement for safety. Learning these procedures prepares them in case of an emergency. The safety of all our students is very important to me.