• Welcome to Mrs. Platt's Elementary Art Class.

    I am looking forward to an exciting year.  We will be starting the year by studying some of the paintings by Claude Monet. He painted during the same time period as Vincent Van Gogh who we studied last year.  Monet was extremely interested in demonstrating the changes in the color with different levels of light, weather and the seasons with his subject matter. He enjoyed gardening. Later in his life, he moved to the French town of Giverny.  He created a wonderful water garden there. Your children will be producing a collaborative piece similar in style to Monet's water lily series. Monet painted over 250 paintings of water lilies. They also will be creating their own artwork based on Monet's water lily series. Please remember each child needs an apron or oversized shirt identified with their name. This "art shirt" can be an old t-shirt -it is going to get stained. The apron or shirt will be kept in their regular classrooms and worn to art class. If it really gets messy I will send it home in a plastic bag for cleaning.

    The beginning of our art class includes practicing evacuation procedures for the art room. I have rearranged some of the furniture in our elementary art room.  It is imperative for my students to learn how to move with no talking, (absolute silence)- If I need to change what we are doing - absolute silence makes it possible for me to direct their movement for safety. Learning these procedures prepares them in case of an emergency. The safety of all our students is very important to me.