Course Title Culinary 1

    Academic Year  2023-2024



    Teacher Name                                                                           Contact Information

    Mrs. Karen Ward                                                              (850) 245-3700;klw23@fsu.edu


    Description of Course/ Units of Study

    Culinary 1 is a Career & Technical Education class designed to give the student a solid foundation for future careers in the Restaurant Hospitality Industry or College Culinary Arts Programs. This course requires the student to be actively involved in the learning process and will require them to work with other students as a team.  This course labs will require the student to work in a kitchen environment with high safety and sanitation standards outlined in the separate Laboratory Conduct Contract.    


    Culinary Topics may include, but not limited to:

    Kitchen Safety and Sanitation                        Food Preparation       

    Meal Management                                          Food Service equipment/knives/smallware's

    General Culinary Techniques                          Cooking/baking methods

    Recipe and menu development                                              


    Movie Permission:

    As part of my Culinary Class, I will be showing clips from various You tube videos, culinary instructional TV shows and chef demonstration videos throughout the year to enhance instructional understanding. These videos will enhance instruction on cooking, different technics, and industry standards.  


    Class Materials - This information contains the materials that will be used throughout the year in this course.  Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn.

    • Binder and dividers or a notebook and folder(s) to keep notes and handouts organized
    • College rule paper
    • Post-it notes (optional, depending on student organizational preference)
    • Highlighters
    • Pens for notes and classwork (blue or black ink)]

    • Class Expectations - FSUS students have a right to learn in a safe and respectful environment.  All students will be expected to adhere to attendance and behavior expectations in our FSUS Code of Conduct.  Please see our website for more information.  Specific rules for this class are as follows:

    Classroom Rules-

    • We follow lab safety contract
    • We show up on time and ready to learn
    • We work hard and do our best
    • We take risks and make mistakes]

    Classroom Policies and Procedures


    Cell Phones - Students shall place their phone in the teacher approved designated area.  Students shall not use or have out a wireless communication device during class time.  Airpods and headphones will not be allowed during class time.  Students may not access social media platforms through the use of the Internet access provided by the school.  Students may not use school devices or school related technology services, including internet/wifi to access, download, or post on TikTok platform or any successor platform.  You must not photograph, audio, or video record adults or students at any time without their express consent.

    Grading – Exam first quarter SERVSAFE CETIFICATION, or NRFSP

    Students can log in to FOCUS to stay up-to-date on their performance in my class.

      Quarter 1 = 50%, Quarter 2 = 50%


      Grading: Grades will be based on the FSUS Policies and Grading Standards. 90 - 100 is an “A”, 80 - 89 is a “B”, 70 – 79 is a “C”, 60 – 

      69 is a “D” and 59 and below is an “F”.


      Grades will be on a weighted scale.

    Assessments: 60%- (40% first quarter- food safety test, 20% Quizzes and Informal Labs).

    Practice:  40% (Homework, Classwork, Lab Participation, and catering)



    Late Work - The work I assign is designed to 1) give you opportunities to practice the knowledge and skills we are learning and 2) give me a better sense of your current proficiency in those areas so that I can adjust my instruction as needed. For these reasons, it is critical that you complete assignments on time. Any work not turned in at the time it is due (with the exception of absences) is considered late. Work turned in after the due date, unless submitted due to an excused absence, will receive a maximum score of 70% until the unit test.  Late work will not be accepted after the unit test.  Late work should be turned into the “Late Work” tray.


    Make-up Work -  Students who are not in school miss important learning, including academic assignments and assessments. Our school make-up policy is designed to support students to make up the learning they missed, including all missed assignments and assessments, so that they do not fall behind academically.

    As per the FSUS Student Code of Conduct, students are responsible for collecting missed assignments on the day they return to school. Students will have two (2) school days, not including the day of return, for each excused class day they are absent to makee up missed learning and assignments. Previously assigned work is due the day of return.  <Read page 15 of Code of Conduct>

    Work that is missing due to an unexcused absence is considered “late work.”

    Students that have received In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, or placed on Administrative Leave will be expected to work on assignments during the time of his/her absence.  The student and family will work with FSUS Administration and faculty on a case-by-case basis to make sure that the student is receiving all classwork and assignments. Deadlines for completion will be given on a case by case basis.


    Our success in this class is important to me. If there are circumstances that may affect your performance in this class, please let me know as soon as possible so that we may work together to develop strategies for adapting assignments to meet both your needs and the requirements off the course.  


    Acknowledgement of Reading CULINARY 1 Policies Form
    The signatures below indicate that the Culinary 1 Policies have been read and understood by both the student and parent. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to all classroom policies and to the policies listed in the Student Code of Conduct. Please fill out and sign the form below. Once completed, please turn this page to Mrs. Ward no later than [Friday, August 21]. This counts as a homework assignment.


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    Student’s Signature:                                                      Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature: