• Welcome to Sculpture classes at Florida High. This includes all things 3D for students grade 9-12. Whether you love to sketch and build things, or are nervous about sculpture or think you can't draw, don't worry! You can learn the foundamentals and basics of sculpture and enjoy learning to create things out of a variety of materials. Who knows? You might decide after Sculpture 1 that you want to tackle advanced sculpture. You may even decide to work your way up to AP 3D! But even if you just want to take Sculpture 1 to get your fine arts credit, or make some interesting things for one year, we want you!!

    NOTE: Students, We no longer post Google classroom codes on the Teacher Websites here on the School website. We now have teacher webpages in FOCUS. They are more secure because you have to log into FOCUS. So to find the Google Classroom access code for your class period and course, log into Focus. On the home screen see your schedule with the classes and teachers. CLICK on a TEACHER and it will take you  to their FOCUS webpage. That is where you will find Google classroom codes for that class.