• Hi Everyone!

    Please use the codes below to add yourself to the Google Classroom for your class period.  

    See you in Google Classroom for a message of how this will work!


    Period 3 Photoshop   fvpnq6o

    Period 5 Photoshop   gleadr2

    Period 7 Photoshop   4vptdt7

    Period 4,5,7 Indesign   jatlsd5

    Yearbook   5jaeepi

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  • Hi! Welcome to Commercial Technologies.  

    I'm Ms Hartsfield and I have been teaching computer generated art at Florida High for 15 years.  I have a degree in Art History and ARt Education from Florida State University and am a National Board Certified Teacher.   

    I like to encourage our students to get involved with their community and do volunteer design work with small businesses or local non profits.