Jazmine Hernandez

Jazmine Hernandez, NHS Teacher of the Year 2022
  • Phone: (850) 245-3105

    Email: jsanjuan@fsu.edu

    Degrees and Certifications:

    B.S. Chemical Sciences

    B.S. Secondary Science Education

    Certified to teach Chemistry and Science 6-12

  • About Me:

    I fell in love with Chemistry in High School because I had a wonderful teacher who showed me that Chemistry is just looking at the world through a microscopic lens and recognizing how microscopic phenomena affect macroscopic phenomena. I went to FSU to study Chemistry and it was there that I fell in love with teaching. I joined the FSU-Teach program which truly prepared me for my career. I believe that Chemistry should be taught through a student-centered and investigatory approach that focuses on critical content -while also recognizing the patterns of thinking needed. After all, most of my students will not become chemists, but all of my students will benefit from learning how to problem solve and stay persistent when given challenges. 

    Our word of the year is resilience. I am so excited to be able to help your child develop the strength and plasticity that it requires to be resilient in life. 

  • Current Course Schedule: 

    Period 1 - Honors Chemistry

    Period 2 - Planning

    Period 3 - Honors Chemistry

    Period 4 - AP Chemistry

    Period 5 - Student Council

    Period 6 - Planning

    Period 7 - Honors Chemistry