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FSUS Agricultural Science Visits Orchard Pond

FSUS' Agricultural Science class took a field trip to Orchid Pond in the Red Hills area of Tallahassee. Orchid Farm is a diverse, family-owned, organic farm that produces quality foods using sustainable practices for the environment.


FSUS Agricultural Science class took part in the farm tour that gave students the real-life experience of seeing how an organic farm works. The tour consisted of walking the field, seeing the equipment, greenhouse, compost, processing area, kitchen, and beehives. During the tour, students took part in hands-on activities that gave students the necessary experience to gain a better understanding of farming and cultivating. Our students were also able to taste 100% honey made right on the farm by honey bees. 


These experiences will prove to be invaluable in helping our students decide if a future in farming and agricultural sciences is for them. Agricultural science helps us adjust to healthier methods of food production. These methods include using fewer fertilizers and pesticides and reducing greenhouse emissions. 

Agricultural Science teacher, Kristin Wilson, said, "The students learned the importance of sustainability in agriculture. They were exposed to different strategies associated with organic farming". 

Tyrone McGriff