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NJHS Celebrates 2021 Inductees

FSUS celebrated the induction of 55 Middle School Students into the National Junior Honor Society. The induction of these students celebrates their commitment to academic excellence and leadership abilities.

NJHS membership is based on exemplary character, service, leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Students must submit an application and outline their dedication to NJHS core principles.

Principal Suzanne Wilkinson spoke at the induction ceremony and had this to say, “The student’s dedication to this organization, mentorship of our students, and willingness to serve, are all critically important in how we all got here today and in the experiences and outcomes for these students”.

NJHS students represent a wide variety of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and personalities. Inducted students include All-State Golfers, Musicians, Artist, and so many other talented students that represent FSUS in a positive light.

NJHS Sponsor, Connie Eichler, Increased NJHS induction numbers by sending personal invitations to students that met the qualification standards. “Increasing the induction class meant a lot to me. We have so many students that should be a part of NJHS and I didn’t want to miss any of them”. Ms. Eichler expressed her gratitude for the parents that attended, “A significant reason why we are sitting here today is because of the love, support, guidance, influence, and input of all of the parents”.

2021 Inductees


Tyrone McGriff