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NEHS Donates Little Library To Walker Ford Community Center

The National English Honors Society (NEHS) at Florida High has taken on a new project to build a “little library” in hopes to help the community and benefit those who are less fortunate, while also promoting learning and the English language.

The library will be installed at the local Walker Ford Community Center.

“That place was chosen for a couple of reasons,” says Christine Russell, NEHS sponsor, and high school English teacher. “The first reason is because that area of town did not have any little libraries, and second, the community center is a large part of the local community.”

“The idea was that by putting it at a place accessible to all, we would make reading accessible to everyone,” adds Evelyn Truitt, junior and NEHS Co-President.

For those unfamiliar, a “little library” is designed to provide individuals with access to books, magazines and even movies and games, through an honest trade system. These libraries are usually placed strategically in schools, community centers, and neighborhoods to provide the most coverage and allow for a large group of the community to be in close proximity to one, and therefore be able to use them.

“A "little library" or "lending library" is essentially a miniature library that is based in a community. People donate books and the idea is that when you get a book, you give a book. It is meant to foster learning and encourage reading,” explains Truitt.

This project required much planning and effort on NEHS’s part, including ordering the little library, building and decorating it, installing it, and filling it. 

“The library was purchased directly from Little Free Libraries, registered on their website, and the startup books came from a book drive we did last year for Literacy Week. We will continue to restock it using donated books,” says Russell.

For NEHS, installing the little library will provide one huge step towards their goal to “promote literacy at FSUS and in the community,” according to Russell.

Building little libraries has already positively impacted many across the United States, and will continue to do so in Tallahassee, with the help of organizations like Florida High’s NEHS. The overall goal of projects like these is to better society through thoughtfulness and provide those in need with opportunities for learning.

“I believe that this project will be beneficial for children. We know that in many places children might not have access to funds for books or education, and we hope that by providing books we can work to bridge that gap,” says Truitt.

“This project will hopefully put books in the hands of many people,” states Russell. “We want the Tallahassee community to know that Florida High wants to serve Tallahassee and help those around them.”


Video Courtesy of Tyrone McGriff

Amelia Pelham