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FSUS Shines In Brain Bowl Competition

FSUS Middle School students William Bourgoin, Pavit Patel, and Evie Gardner participated in their very first Middle School Brain Bowl tournament this weekend at Lewis Middle School in Valparaiso. They ended the day with 4 wins and 3 losses and played extremely well for their very first competition. 

Brain Bowl is a middle school teams competition that brings teams from all over Florida to compete in academic competitions. During this weekend's competition, 14 schools competed against some of our best and brightest in competition. The competition consists of several rounds; each round is 30 minutes long and there can potentially be 20 toss-up questions depending on how fast the moderator reads, etc.

The questions come from several subjects; English, math, history, science, sports, art, music, and pop-culture. Competitors can only answer individually on toss-ups, however, if someone on the team gets a tossup correct, the entire team gets 3 bonus questions that they can work together on.

Tournaments are extremely strenuous and usually take most of the day, so they have to really focus and require a lot of mental focus and discipline.

Mrs. Julie Perry stated, "This weekend's competition consisted of 7 rounds. All three players that participated are 6th graders, so the fact that they won 4 rounds was awesome because 8th graders are typically more competitive as they have 2 more years of knowledge from the classes they take in school. What makes it even more impressive is that they were inexperienced since this was their very first competition".

We are extremely excited to offer these competitions and others at FSUS. We look forward to our program's future success and dedicated students.

Tyrone McGriff